Wisdom Teachings for Awakened Living

Satya Graha

Satya has devoted her life to the deep inquiry of Self through the Wisdom teachings of Buddhism and Mindfulness practices. With simplicity and kindness, she invites us all to directly experience ourselves as we are...Pure, Whole and Free.

“Love says “I am everything”.

Wisdom says “I am nothing”.

Between the two, my life flows”.

Nisargatta Maharaj


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The Mystery of the Sacred Feminine

What are we as Women? Really…

There’s a Divine mystery about us. There’s a grounded depth at our core while simultaneously a spirited, ethereal being.

We are like the nature of water. We are a fluid, transforming and vital life force. Water finds its way around any obstacle and can sometimes “put us on the rocks”, sometimes forcing us to take a deeper look at what matters most.

The dive beneath the surface can reveal a different dimension. Sometimes there is calmness, sometimes even more turbulence. Whatever seems to be arising, it is there for us.

Have you noticed that in the very middle of your life there is an undercurrent of Divine wisdom?  This is the feminine nature of intuition. The authentic way women share their instincts. It is inherent in ALL of us, not just a few.

We sometimes forget the power of the Sacred Feminine within us on our journey. It’s ok! This journey isn’t about creating a better version of your self. It isn’t about therapy or processing the story of your life. It’s simply doing your own work. Leaning in and saying yes to your intuition. This Sacred impulse is an act of love for the world. We lean in and turn toward what matters. What’s most important.

This journey is not to transcend our humanity, but rather to fully embody everything we have been offered as a vehicle for healing, change and renewal. Our love and intuition is a genuine and powerful force in the world.

There is a Divine mystery that invites you in. Leave all your ideas about yourself outside and step in. BE the mystery!

River Flow: Journey of the Sacred Feminine
All Day Women's Retreat, Saturday September 14th

Please join Sherry and I for a restorative and explorative day to nurture our feminine soul, to console our sensitivities, and to affirm our truth and courage as we explore together the onward flow of life.

We’ll take time in silence, contemplation, in nature and dialogue to hear our inner voice of intuition and wisdom.

Through guided meditations, journaling, sharing and creative expression, we will navigate the waters of our lives. The “Flow” of this retreat will connect us in a community of women centered in authenticity, creativity, and love.

Space is limited to 16.
On or Before September 1: $95; After September 1: $110.
To Register: Email Sherry (sherrycassedy@aol.com)
or Satya (satyagrahakauai@gmail.com)

Sherry Cassedy

As a Yoga teacher and life-long Catholic, Sherry integrates teachings from East and West to create a vibrant message for conscious living.  Sherry inspires us to bring this ancient wisdom into our very modern lives to find meaning and healing along the road.

"Joy at the start, Fear in the journey,

Joy in the coming home.

A part of the heart gets lost in the learning,

Somewhere along the road."

Dan Fogelberg


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Wisdom Teachings for Awakened Living

Sherry and Satya weave their respective backgrounds and training in yoga and meditation, Catholicism and Buddhism, to create a rich tapestry of wisdom teachings and reflections for awakened living.
Sacred Threshold is a point of entry for personal exploration and practice, working with spiritual and philosophical wisdom from different traditions through teaching, meditation, reflection and discussion, creative expression and embodied experience to support the unique unfolding each person in accordance with the truth of his/her own being.

Current Offerings:

River Flow: Journey of the Sacred Feminine
All Day Women’s Retreat

Saturday, September 14th, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz

 Join Sherry and Satya as we explore together this onward flow of life as it moves like a river. Its flow.  Its journey. Its constancy and change. Its life-sustaining. Its destruction. Its mystery.

Through guided meditations, journaling, sharing and creative expression, we will navigate the waters of our own life. The “Flow” of this retreat will gently lead us to the river’s edge. We will explore the nature of life’s inevitable twists and turns, knowing it will all flow through. Always carrying us to the sea.

Space is limited to 16.
Cost: On or Before September 1: $95; After September 1: $110.
To Register: Email Sherry (sherrycassedy@aol.com)
or Satya (satyagrahakauai@gmail.com


The Way of Liberation Meditation Series

Explore the teachings of Adyashanti’s book, The Way of Liberation. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the very core of all existence. His teachings are free of any tradition or ideology that creates a spacious place for all to explore.

Four Monday evenings from 7-8:30 pm (July 15, 29, August 12, 19)
Register at: Satyagrahakauai@gmail.com

The Way of Liberation may be purchased in paperback from Amazon for $10, Kindle for $6.99 or as a FREE download from Adyashanti.org.
All are welcome and as always, these offerings are FREE from the heart.


Monday Morning Satsang
Sherry leads a free class each Monday morning, based on the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, one of the foundational Yoga texts. Sherry brings these ancient teachings to life in our daily experience. Each morning session includes chanting, sutra study and discussion, and meditation. All are welcome to join in the community of truth seeking. Every Monday morning, 7:30-8:30 a.m. Pleasure Point Yoga, Santa Cruz.

Monday Evening Dharma and Doughnuts!
Satya hosts a free meditation gathering on Monday evenings for everyone. If you are new to meditation or a long time practitioner you are most welcome to join!  Each Monday evening we gather will include a mindfulness based guided meditation, dialogue, sharing and of course tea and treats!  Let's see what we discover together! Monday 7:00 p.m.
RSVP for directions. Suspended for July and August, 2019.

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