Poem to Truth

I’m not a storyteller, but I’ll tell you a story.

I can’t describe the Truth, but I will not lie.

I’m an innocent baby, an elder crone, a rebellious adolescent, a loving Mother.

My vision is vast and I have far to travel. And yet I remain still.

What happens in the quiet of night when slumber calls, yet an enlivening presence begs your attention?

I whisper my love, yet it fills canyons with thunderous, echoing sound.

Buddhas and bastards, there is love for us all. I love you all. Yes, even you.

What does enlightenment mean anyway? Is it a destination or merely a place we rest and reside on this winding road we call life?

I’m a defiant pacifist. The truth of me you see, lies prior to anything I could ever write.

Silently watching, like a patient lover. Waiting for the invitation to stay the night.

Can I share the depth of what I am with you? Will my honesty scare you?

Written by Satya Graha

#Truth #Buddha #Storyteller #Honesty

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