A Mindful Re-entry

I am rediscovering the peace and freedom in movement. Movement through different attitudes, altitudes, terrain and exploration of all the dimensions of my Being. It sure feels good to be in the quiet of nature and excuse myself from the overload of social media. And well intentioned humans!

This past year has been tough. Now, over a year has past and life is really fast tracking to open. If you’re like me, you may not be ready or quite remember how to do it! It’s like putting your toes in the frigid Lake Tahoe water, as I did this week. Do I remember how to take a deep breath and just dive in? 1-2-3 Dive!

We are not required to follow any particular pace with our “re-entry”. A friend of mine recently went to an outdoor wedding with hay bales, live music and dancing. Some of the guests couldn’t wait to get out there and bust a move! My friend felt a slight tug to participate cuz after all, it was a celebration. But she also recognized an even greater tug to just sit on the hay bale. And that’s exactly what she did. It’s ok to “sit this one out”.

When we feel grounded with our heart and body open, we will know when it’s time. We can sit on a hay bale for awhile, dip our toes into our own experience, and Trust that all is well. Our peace and freedom is our choice. Let’s Give ourselves permission to move as we do. We will become available when we are ready.