Daring Vulnerability : The Spirituality of Grand (Mother)

A few days ago I had the Blessing and honor to welcome my 5th Grandchild. It inspired me to write about the extraordinary gift of life and the magic and mystery in which it’s held.

When I held my Grandson for the first time, I felt an immense swelling in my heart. His tiny feet and hands; so fragile and yet so strong. His breathing so rhythmic, like an orchestra whispering a gentle lullaby. And in those eyes, I saw that they held the mystery of the universe. Complete, whole and perfect. This sense of awe and love I experienced captured my senses. There was a familiarity that catapulted me back to when I had my children so many years ago.

I remember as I held my daughter for the first time and looked at her sweet, angelic face I thought, “So THIS is what unconditional love is”. Prior to this it was only an idea or philosophy, but now I was experiencing it directly for the very first time in my life. I felt this love without any limits or conditions. There was a great surrender when my heart broke open to allow this new one in; a daring commitment to be fully present, committed and responsible for another’s wellbeing.

So now having traveled this road of caring for my children filled with rocking chairs and lullabies, knee scrapes and kisses, heart breaks and heart’s love, I see that my daughters have grown, learned and evolved along the way into beautiful, loving women and now Mothers.

I see their own flow and rhythm in the way they move in the world with children. And it seems that whatever is happening in their day, chaotic or not, there is an inner joy and peace that grounds them. Abiding, unconditional love is their compass.

When daughters become Mothers themselves, something extraordinary happens. There is a passage one goes through when entering the realm of Motherhood. There is a great ancestral lineage that we join, united and strong as symbols of strength, commitment, and deep, profound love. We learn and grow not only though our own personal life experiences, but also in the stories of Women and Mothers who have preceded us.

By Satya Graha

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