Fresh from Heaven: Grace of Grand Mothering

 Feather weight of infant body
cradles in my arms.

Gentle rocking rhythm
echoes waves of watery womb.

Precious breath, faint but steady,
stills my own breath as I listen.

Translucent lids veil silent stirrings,
some dream of recent arrival.

Sacred presence.

The freshness and purity of this time being draws me, heart and soul, into his aura of grace.  Time and space open as we drop in together to a sacred moment of pure peace.  He is secure held within my arms.  I am transported to an openness and awareness, a sensory and mystical experience beyond myself.  We both rest in this present moment.

As a young mother these moments were fleeting, magical, somewhat overwhelming, fraught with anxieties about his vulnerability and my inadequacy.  But in the course of those early days and nights, we shared moments of grace, of awareness of the miracle.

As a grand mother, with a longer arc of time and with the blessing of greater freedom, I bask in the radiance of this moment, taking it in through all my senses.  Heavenly meditation. Pure presence.

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Sherry Cassedy

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