“In my friend, I find a second self”

Isabel Norton

A trusted friend can reflect back the best of us, can kindly reveal our selves, can be the mirror across time of our true evolution.  As much as we work toward self-awareness and self-understanding on our own, when we sit with a a true friend and share our experience, thoughts and feelings, we find these refracted back to us in greater dimension, as though in bas relief.  This companionship encourages and clarifies our unique expression by contrast and resonance.  We value and trust each other’s truth, what is shared as well as what is unique.

The power of sharing as women, still often treated as “other” in our culture, to find a place of acceptance, allowing for safe exploration of our deepest wisdom and truth.  We gather as women to support each of our unfolding.

“Feminine power is about loving, relating, holding presence for one another.”   Marion Woodman

We invite you to gather with a wonderful group of women for our all day women’s retreat on May 4th, Our Bodies, Our Souls – Coming Home to Myself. 


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