Mirror, Mirror

If you can listen to the wisdom of your body,
love this flesh and bone,
dedicate yourself to its mystery,
you may one day
find yourself
smiling from your mirror.

from Coming Home to Myself
Marion Woodman with Jill Mellick

The mirror can be a source of torment or quiet satisfaction, sometimes even surprise. Is that really me? When we feel out of our bodies, when the image we hold of ourselves is far different than the one reflected back to us. The mirror doesn't lie, but can be a tool for awareness of the dance between our inner and outer self-image. To reconcile our consciousness, our soul, with our physical being is Embodiment, bringing our truth into being. Our body is truly the temple of our soul, the instrument through which we shine forth in the world. And smile back from the mirror.

In our upcoming Women's Retreat, Our Bodies, Our Souls, (Saturday, May 4) we will explore this relationship between our inner awareness and our physical body, how we inhabit our earthly form, the ongoing and often subconscious conversations we hold with ourselves. Through reflection and discussion, guided meditation and silence, and creative expression, we will investigate and listen deeply for emerging body wisdom and truth.

Join Sherry and Satya for this restorative full-day Spring Retreat for Women, Our Bodies, Our Souls

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