Practicing Presence

The Gift of Presence to Ourselves and Others

Step into the Present Moment.  Right here, right now.  Pause, take a breath and rest in this precious moment.  Allow the distractions to fall away, and notice the sense of peace that begins to dawn.  Trust that you are exactly where you need to be.  Stay.  Take one more breath, and maybe one more.  Notice the tendency to restlessness, rest-less-ness.  Almost as soon as the calm approaches, we want to scurry off with other thoughts or activities, the email that we must respond to right this minute, the grocery item that must be written down or forgotten, maybe a cup of coffee to enjoy during this lovely moment, and it is gone.  Can we rest in stillness for just a few breaths, and notice the pull back into activity, and let it go.    

In relationship, in conversation, become truly present to the person in front of you. As Rumi tells us “let every part of you become an ear”.  As we become more attentive to the other our own agenda begins to dissolve and we place our entire self in service of the becoming of the other.  Rest in this presence, delight in the humanity of the other, notice and become a diligent student of the other, without judgment but with loving curiosity.  When our own feelings and reactions arise, set them to the side for later, and come back to full attention to the other.

The gift of our presence to ourselves, to another, to the present moment can refresh, restore, calm and inspire.  It is a gift available to us in each moment, with each breath.  Take it in and send it out.  

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