Well my friends,

It’s certainly been an interesting journey these last few months. I’ve been sitting, noticing and curious about how I am responding to the events of the world. There are many approaches of course. For me, it has been an even deeper dive into the quietude of my home and the resident who lives here. Both internally and externally.

I have felt content, sad, peaceful, anxious, grateful, angry, calm, lonely, exhausted and energized. The greater part of this noticing has been my desire to stay quiet. Keeping my communication simple and small. Choosing not to engage in conversation or media that does not leave a residue of hope or reform. 

And in this moment, I feel a conscious shift has begun to emerge. There’s a great opportunity to embrace every bit of this being human. What else can we do but to see it all? In ourselves and in each other.

As we begin to slowly move out into the world and open our doors of business and home, it calls us to mindfully choose when and more importantly how we will engage in life. How will we respond? Where will we find ourselves in this time of pandemic and social unrest? 

A word that continues to arise in me is Reimagine. My choice not to return to the way things were but to reimagine a new future. This may seem a bit cliche but it feels true. I am reimagining my life’s work and engagement in the world with eyes wide open. Heart open. Who knows how our world reimagined will look? That’s the beauty and the mystery of life. Let’s reimagine together!

With deep and abiding love,