River Flow

Have you ever crossed a river, looked down and experienced the power and the hypnotic sensation of water rushing below you?

For me there was nothing more mesmerizing and healing as the Virgin River I crossed over on many hikes while in Zion Canyon.

The raw force of nature displayed its turbulent, chaotic rapid flow of this mighty river. Then further downstream,
a calming flow of water twisted and turned around river rocks with such ease and grace.

I was struck by not only the sheer beauty of the water but also how the journey of this river represents a powerful metaphor for our lives as well.

The river takes its time to turn, pause, rage and settle much like what we do on our life's path. The element of water is a transformative and vital life force for us all.

We can learn a lot about ourselves through the restorative and ever changing nature of rivers. Be in the flow!

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