Season of Light

At the Winter Solstice, the sun literally stands still, pausing, reflecting, turning.  The sun reaches the extent of its journey, pauses and turns.  Harmonizing ourselves with the rhythms of nature, at the solstice, we also pause, honor the stillness, and celebrate return of the light.

People around the world and across time have followed the path of the sun so vital to our very existence, and marked the winter solstice with communal silence and celebration.  The first spark of light at dawn measures us that life will go on, that a new year will dawn.

On this Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020, the cosmos brings us another auspicious event, the Great Conjunction, being the coming together of Saturn and Jupiter, the closest these two planets have been in 400 years, visible in the night sky over these next days and on the longest night of the year.  Saturn and Jupiter conjunct every 20 years but this conjunction is closer and occurs in 0 degrees Aquarius, quite literally the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Saturn has had a tumultuous year (haven’t we all) conjuncting Pluto in January 2020, harkening the unraveling of institutions and authority.  With Saturn now coming together with Jupiter, we have the promise of reorganizing our structures to better serve the collective, our human family, with greater awareness and compassion.

At the Solstice, the veils between the worlds are thinner, an opening or portal, a timeless moment when Heaven touches the Earth, the gates between the worlds stand ajar.  Solstice can be a time that souls move more easily between the worlds, coming into the world or leaving for the beyond.  (My daughter was born on the winter solstice and both my father and my husband’s mother passed on winter solstices.)

In this time we welcome the light of Christ consciousness, bringing love and forgiveness into a world of suffering.  The Divine bows to touch the Earth across many traditions in this season of light.  Let every heart prepare room to receive.

December 21, 2020:  Sherry offers a special Solstice Satsang at 7:30 a.m. on zoom  Register at for this free offering.

December 26, 2020: Satya offers a Season of Light meditation at 3:00 p.m. on zoom.  Email Satya for the zoom link.

Moment of Meditation: Gently close your eyes.  Focus on your breath.  Notice the movement of the breath, rising and falling, the inhale and exhale.  And then bring your attention to the pause between the rising, and the falling.  Between the inhale and the exhale, and again between the exhale and inhale. Allow that moment of suspension, of anticipation before the breath returns.

May we be the Light to all those we meet.