The Power of Expression


I've been considering the power of expression these last days. Not only in speaking our Truth (which is vital) but more importantly what that expression wakes up in us and moves within us toward a greater dimension of connected awareness. Connectedness to ourself, each other, the natural world and how we move in it. What an amazing exploration.

It's as if our own truthful expression of what’s meaningful is a bridge to meet others where they are. Sharing, communicating, connecting. An opportunity to be curious about life and explore the many ways we are the same, narrowing the human divide we witness in the world today.

By utilizing our meditation practice, leading with the heart, we can explore a new kind of activism together. We can start with ourselves and bring a conscious, honesty about how things really are for us. Then we can add deep truthfulness to our conversations.

When we come from our grounded inner source, we can unlock the power of this expression with unbounded potential. This it seems, is where we can transform our inner light into greater purpose and action. The beauty is we don’t yet know what we will find. Let this adventure begin!