The Spirit of Water

The Spirit Of Water

I'm spending more time these days at the ocean and the river stream near my home. I've noticed when I sit quietly and watch, there is a nurturing quality that arises from the water and the way it speaks to me.

There's this sense of being held; an intuitive knowing that there is a Divine connection between the water and myself. It's as if the water is informing me with every sound. Even the sound of crashing waves seems to mimic the humming of a Mother's lullaby.

I'm discovering how much the water represents for me the flow of the Sacred Feminine. It is primordial and beyond any measure of time, distance and destination. It simply makes its way past any resistance with a wisdom well beyond our knowing. And yet, it is indiscriminating in its generosity.

I encourage you to find a body of water and sit for awhile. Get to know her and see where she wants you to flow.

Please join Sherry and I for an all day Women's Retreat:
River Flow: Journey of the Sacred Feminine
Saturday, September 14th 9:30am - 4:30pm
Private home in Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz

To register visit or email

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