Threshold Moments

The Threshold or doorway throughout the ages has been highlighted as a symbolic image. It can be seen as a point of entry into a different realm, an insight or movement in our spiritual maturity. Many world religions and traditions use the threshold as a meaningful pointer on the spiritual path.  It certainly can be viewed as a powerful place, a powerful metaphor for living.

The offering that Sherry and I bring through SacredThreshold came into being as an outpouring of love we share through sacred wisdom teachings. We like to invite people into our own “threshold” moments in hopes that there will be resonance through teachable moments, stories and life reflections.

In my daily meditations this week, the image of this grand threshold emerged with a great precipice right beyond the doorway. I see my toes gripping the edge of a cliff with an expansive vista filled with beauty and wonder and the questions comes..."Should I stay or should I go"?

I recognize that stepping over the threshold can be a challenging place of pressure or resistance through old patterns of thinking and fear. I also notice an opportunity to step into a new level of intimacy with my Divinity. So I ask myself, “Can I simply arrive at the threshold curious, without any certainty or plan and allow the moment to live me”?

In that presence, in that empowered moment, something fills me with Grace and appreciation. I can lay down the notion of knowing and simply trust what is here. With every breath I come new to this experience, moment to moment.

As a practice, I am now taking a conscious moment when I cross a threshold. Coming in and out of my home, into my car, a grocery store, stepping into a new environment. I feel an attitude of gratitude that lifts me up, creates joy and illuminates my day.

“Ritual is the Threshold…the door…going from an ordinary world to a Divine world”.  Marion  Woodman

As a time for conscious “threshold” moments, we invite you to join us for our all day women’s retreat on May 4th, “Our Bodies, Our Souls – Coming Home to Myself”.

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